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"Now, perform the transmutation and become the fifth sacrifice. Come on, if you don’t hurry, the Lieutenant will be lost to you forever. Ah, I understand, would you like to transmute her after she’s already died? That would be acceptable."

"I’m not…gonna die. What you don’t know…is that…is that I’m under strict orders not to die.”

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lightning returns + outfits

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Carving by William Lloyd of Lloyd at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

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Delphine Noiztoy

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Congrats love! x



Studies for “Bo” the boxer in “Duet”.


Here’s what my painting process usually looks like when I do a rendered digital piece.

Before I start explaining things though, I want to start off by stating the importance of setting your tablets pressure sensitivity in a way that best suits your needs. I have a post describing how and why to do that here. Also, I use the default hard round brush in photoshop for 90% of this painting. I have it set to transfer and spacing to 0%, that’s all. Nothing too fancy.

1. I do a sketch on a medium gray background. Toned backgrounds take away the intimidation of a blank canvas and makes it a little easier to start working. Because I’m going to be painting over this, the line work doesn’t need to be very clean.

2. I make a new layer under my sketch layer (but above the gray background) and set the sketch layers opacity to 20%. I start to work out my color palette. I use a custom textured brush (second one described here) to lay down large areas of color. I then begin to do a tiny bit of rendering.

3. I start to work out a light source. Then I being to render even more, using the default hard round brush. My brushes opacity stays at 100% the entire painting, with flow set to 40%.

4. Once I have enough value and detail established, I merge the sketch layer down into the painting and work on one layer. More rendering takes place and I adjust the contrast using levels (command L)

5. I noticed her shoulders were a little too wide, so I selected one with the lasso tool and moved it to the side a little bit. I render more and I start to work on the shading in the face.

6. I finish the majority of the rendering and add details last.

7. I go over some areas with a textured brush. For a final touch, I sharpen the image using the unsharpen mask (found under filter>sharpen) and play around with levels once more and color balance (command b)

That’s about all there is to my work. This process works for me, but may not be your thing so don’t get discouraged if this doesn’t work for you. I spent years experimenting with all different types of techniques, until I found this one which works best for me. Try it out and see if any of this is helpful!

Thank you for reading, and if you have any question, please don’t hesitate to send me an ask.


Had an interview today - I am now a full time photographer and photo editor. No more shitty retail! 


Sorry, I am so so so very excited *dead*

I also had an amazing weekend sidereuslarp. Best way to wrap it up.

Now just to go to bed early like an old lady because 4am shift tomorrow @ _ @ 

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Have you considered brain transplant? Perhaps cybernetic augmentation?

Haha, I’d just get a whole new body if that was the case!

Shits gettin real. #sidereuslarp #Sidereus #larping #liveactionroleplay

Getting my Princess Dowager on, in the tavern kitchen? It’s okay, I’ll cause mayhem later perhaps. Or not. Only if the mood strikes me…#sidereuslarp #Sidereus #larping #liveactionroleplay #selfie



Gah. Her figure was just— ack!